Marvels, At Length: Cows, Walks, and Life Itself

Each Sunday for five weeks, we’re sharing a collection of posts by writers on Substack. “Marvels” is issue #4 in a 5-part series.

This series, called At Length, will recommend pieces that we think are not only worth reading, but worth returning to again and again. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on emerging writers and introduce readers to more independent writers who are hiding in plain sight. Each week, we’ll pick a theme and surface a few posts that speak to that theme in a memorable way.

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Our theme this week is Marvels, At Length. The world is full of wonder that we often overlook. Now is the time to slow down and enjoy the little things, from long walks to nature to wine, and even aging. Each of these writers find some new marvels to experience, write about, and share with you!

Elle Griffin

The one with all the flâneury

Elle Griffin brings wonder to the walk as she follows the habits of creative minds that came before her like Victor Hugo and Henry David Thoreau. Walking is a writer’s best friend, revealing hidden marvels and inspiring new stories along the way. Read more.


Now for an affir-mooo-tion

Farmer and journalist AC Shilton gives a wonderful update on the birth of a new calf from her farm. Follow her along as she raises lambs, delivers calves, and records words of wisdom from her many chickens. Read more.

Default Friend

#64: La dolce vita.

In this short, reflective piece of fiction, Default Friend celebrates life and its small marvels, from suntans and coconut water to the beauty of many languages spoken around her to talking to strangers. Read more.


A Question of Soul: Perfumery at Le Labo

Forget Chanel and Dior. Miccaeli takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of perfumery at Le Labo, the niche perfume brand that found success without a designer label. Read more.

Chris Clarke

Letter From the Desert: Is Joshua Tree Over?

Joshua Tree has always been a favorite spot for camping and outdoor adventures. However, Chris Clarke details Joshua Tree’s impending transformation from desert to “desert,” as more visitors come to stay. Read more.

Jessica DeFino

Anti-Aging Is A Construct

Beauty reporter Jessica DeFino rejects the current obsession with “anti-aging.” Rather than pile on products, DeFino suggests a better, healthier way to age with grace. Read more.

This is issue #4 in a 5-part series. Read issue #1 “Making”, issue #2 “Retelling”, and issue #3 “Desire” here.