This week, we interviewed Ariel Foxman, a new father who writes ABBAPAPA, a newsletter about what it means to be a parent today.
This week, we’re flipping the script and interviewing Substack writer Kushaan Shah about his reading habits.
This week, we interviewed Amy Jean Porter, an artist and naturalist who writes Wild Life, a newsletter with illustrations and writing about animals, hu…
This week, we interviewed Tse Wei Lim, a chef who writes let them eat cake, a newsletter about food and the systems that power it.
This week, we interviewed Clayton Mansel, an aspiring physician-scientist who writes Synapse, a newsletter for people who are curious about the brain.
This week, we interviewed Caroline McCarthy, who writes The Firewood, a newsletter about our relationship to the outdoors.
For some inner peace this week, we interviewed Tzvi Gluckin, who writes The Ingathering, a series of interviews and essays about Jewish music. What’s y…
This week, in light of our recent climate partnership with Stripe, we sat down with Jemima Kiss, who writes about climate action in her newsletter, Hot…
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