Substack Podcast #022: Pandemic economics with Nathan TankusWe spoke with Nathan Tankus of Notes on the Crises, who writes about the pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers should respond to it.
Substack Podcast #021: Cookbooks with Paula ForbesWe spoke with Paula Forbes of Stained Page News, a newsletter about cookbooks. For her, it’s a place to geek out about cookbooks - where she can write …
Substack Podcast #020: Gen Z with Terry NguyenWe spoke with Terry Nguyen of gen yeet, a newsletter about Gen Z culture, memes, and trends.
Substack Podcast #019: Mental Health with Fiza PiraniWe spoke with Fiza Pirani of Foreign Bodies, a newsletter that destigmatizes mental illness, centered on immigrant and refugee experiences.
Substack Podcast #018: Corporate governance with Francine McKenna We spoke with Francine McKenna of The Dig, a newsletter about accounting and corporate governance issues. Francine analyzes the most widely-held and wi…
Substack Podcast #017: Psychedelics with Zach Haigney We spoke with Zach Haigney of The Trip Report, a newsletter covering the business, policy, and impact of psychedelics.
Substack Podcast #016: Finance with Kevin MuirWe spoke with Kevin Muir of The MacroTourist, a newsletter about trading and investing that aims to make finance fun.
Substack Podcast #015: International news with Erin CookWe spoke with Erin Cook of Dari Mulut ke Mulut, a publication covering news across Southeast Asia.
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