This week, we interviewed Sady Doyle, a writer and nonfiction author who writes about horror movies on their newsletter, Doyle, S.
This week, we interviewed Steve Lord, who writes The Dork Web about hidden internet subcultures, bringing to mind the cyberpunk and hacker cultures of …
We interviewed Neena Saha, a former special education teacher-turned-PhD who writes Reading Research Recap, where she shares summaries of the research …
We interviewed Ariel Norling, a designer with a love of architecture who writes I Know a Spot, where she shares her favorite homes for sale.
Substack Podcast #022: Pandemic economics with Nathan TankusWe spoke with Nathan Tankus of Notes on the Crises, who writes about the pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers should respond to it.
Substack Podcast #021: Cookbooks with Paula ForbesWe spoke with Paula Forbes of Stained Page News, a newsletter about cookbooks. For her, it’s a place to geek out about cookbooks - where she can write …
Substack Podcast #020: Gen Z with Terry NguyenWe spoke with Terry Nguyen of gen yeet, a newsletter about Gen Z culture, memes, and trends.
Substack Podcast #019: Mental Health with Fiza PiraniWe spoke with Fiza Pirani of Foreign Bodies, a newsletter that destigmatizes mental illness, centered on immigrant and refugee experiences.
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